Upcoming Southland Hills Events

Southland Hills Easter Egg Hunt1  Saturday, April 20th 10 am.  Meet at the Mini Park a few minutes ahead of time. 

Word is that the Easter Bunny and her crew will be magically hiding eggs all over the SOUTHLAND HILLS MINI PARK, so that all Southland Hills children can collect them out of the trees and grass at 10AM on SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH.  We will have different areas for each age group and “egg collection limits” so every child will go home with lots of treats.  There will even be golden eggs hidden filled with special prizes.  We will also have coffee, OJ, and doughnuts for parents and kids alike. 

If your child would like participate in the HUNT, please drop off 12 plastic FILLED eggs per child at one of the following homes BEFORE Friday at 8pm.  Please mark your bags of eggs with your last name and number of kids, so we have an idea of how many to expect.
Egg Drop Off locations:
323 Dixie Drive–Kate Knott/Moose Brown’s house (place eggs in breezeway between garage and house)
409 Georgia Ct— Jeremy/Anne Talman’s house
We welcome all volunteers, adults and families, even without little kiddos.  Eggs will be hidden at 9 am.  Help is needed planting eggs and watching over the children so they stay away from the surrounding roads.  Please contact Kate Knott at the email address above if you can help.  THANK YOU!

Southland Hills Garden Committee Monthly Meeting.  Thursday, April 18th at 7 pm.  Suzy Pennington’s house. 320 Alabama Rd.  All are welcome.

We will be discussing all viable suggestions at the next SHIA Garden Committee meeting on Thursday, April 18.  All are welcome to attend if you want to be a part of these discussions.   Our goal will be to determine the best long term neighborhood benefit we can achieve using the available $10K County grant.

SHIA Monthly Board Meeting:  The monthly Board meetings are open to all residents.  We meet on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30pm in the first floor private dining room at Pickersgill Retirement Community on Chestnut Avenue.  If you do attend, please check in at the front desk in the Pickersgill lobby and then proceed left down the hall to the dining room.