SHIA Board & Committees

Officers (term 2018 – 2019):
Jennifer Bolster, President
Kate Knott, Vice President
Jayson Schablik, Treasurer
Merry Alterman, Secretary

Directors (term 2017 – 2019):
Cathy Berger
Russ Keuhn
Michele Rowland
Kathy Sevy
Ann Snoeyenbos
Jeremy Talman
Jackie Villet

Directors (term 2018-2020):
Dave Edwards
Colleen Kotras
Todd Briggs

SOUTHLAND HILLS GARDEN COMMITTEE: Chair Ann Snoeyenbos.  Committed to maintaining our public gardens and parks, and raising awareness of green practices.  Meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.

SOCIAL EVENTS 2018-19  (Please Help!  We need volunteers for all events!  Contact to volunteer)

Halloween (October 31st)–  Chair Kristy Knuppel ( Anne Talman, Allison Wohltmann, Kathy & Jody Sevy

Dumpster Day (November 3rd)–  Chair Kate Knott. To volunteer for 1 hr “monitor” shifts, go to

“Holiday Lights(December 2018)–Caroling & Judging  Chair Russ Kuehn

February Fling (February 2019)– Lisa Bertucci, Mary Rykielm, Kate Sapra, Jennifer Bolster

Easter Egg Hunt (April 2019)—  Chair Colleen Kostras, Laura Boyer

Annual Picnic and Business Meeting June 2019 (second weekend in June 2019)–  Gosia Baker, Andi Broom, Marcella Fultz