The Neighborhood and Its History

Southland Hills 

The Community

The Southland Hills community is located on land originally owned by Doctor Grafton Bosley.  His home is still standing as part of the Presbyterian Home complex.  Doctor Bosley relocated to towson in 1848 to form a medical partnership with his uncle, Doctor Josiah marsh and later inherited his estate.  Upon Dr. Bosley’s death, his property passed through his trustees to Emily Offutt, who then conveyed it to Baltimore attorney J. Elmer Weisheit and his wife Ingreet on May 20, 1922.  (Baltimore County Deeds WPC 555:252).

J. Elmer Weisheit conveyed the property to the Southland Hills Company on April 15, 1925.  (BC Deeds WPC 612:77).  The Southland Hills Company filed the initial plat for “Southland Hills” on the same day (BC Plats WPC 7:187).  A revised plat was filed on August 9, 1926 (BC Plats WPC 8:56).

Houses were offered for sale using plans made by the Roland Park Company’s engineer (Sun, April 24, 1024).  A community covenant from an early deed detailed the requirements of the Southland Hills Company for design approval, setbacks, and building mterils that were to be used for the new homes.  For more history about Southland Hills and West Towson, please click on “A Brief History of West Towson” by David Loizeaux.

A Brief History of West Towson

Baltimore County Plan of Towsontown (1877)










Map of Towson (1944)